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Diaxon's Practical Guide to Relational Database Design

From Business Analysis, via Data Modelling to Physical Design



By Peter Domanski & 

Philip Irvine

ISBN 0952604310

2nd Edition

A4 Format


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Diaxon are experts in database design and we have written an in-depth guide that encompasses all the key topics that must be considered for even the most apparently simple application. For sound and comprehensive advice on data modelling, how to create a 'logical model' and turning that model into an effective database schema, this book contains the essential information you will need. It is a concise and straightforward practical guide that will take you through the steps from formalising your business requirements through data modelling, converging your entity model and transforming it into a robust and efficient database design.

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Now in its updated 2nd edition, this authoritative guide is packed with useful information and is to be found on a number of recommended reading lists for data modelling and database design courses. It cuts through jargon and keeps theory down to a minimum. It describes many real-life examples and provides effective solutions to common modelling conundrums. It helps you avoid some of the horrors waiting to ensnare the unwary and inexperienced database designer!

A useful sourcebook for both beginners and more experienced designers. Suitable for those purely involved with data modelling through to serious database designers.

As you will see, to start with all you will need is common sense, pen and paper - sophisticated CASE design tools are only needed for complex projects.

If this book saves just a few hours of a typical project's time, its purchase will be justified many times over. Suitable for projects using any of the main database systems including SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access & Oracle.

If you would like a preview of this book, download the PDF file and read the FREE chapter on data modelling. This chapter covers introduction to DM through to a good standard of Third Normal Form design. A good TNF 'entity model' is half-way to a good database design.

See more About the Book to see if it covers the information you require.

One of the more difficult areas of modelling concerns People and Organisations. Click on the link for information on how the book deals with this topic. Note that the Diaxon Enterprise Builder (DEB) package is a database application built using the methods described in the book. Visit our home page if you would like to learn more.

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