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& This book describes in a practical and straightforward manner, techniques and processes that anyone with modest PC skills can employ to write, print, manufacture and publish their own books. If you use a PC you probably have most of the tools you need already 篲d processing, printer, etc. What applications you might lack can easily be obtained and additional skills you may need, can be learned with relative ease. This is an exciting time for budding authors and publishers as high quality books can easily be created at home or in the office for effective local, national or internationally marketing ᬬ for remarkably low cost.  

For those who have the imagination, drive and determination to create a successful publishing enterprise, independent publishing can be immensely satisfying and financially rewarding ಯvided your books are of good quality and can be marketed efficiently. In addition to describing traditional marketing methods, details are provided to exploit the Internet: how to create a website to provide universal access to your published material and how to implement effective sales and distribution methods. Small publishers now have access to the same eCommerce methods only recently devised and adopted by major publishers and booksellers and so automated sales and ordering is well within grasp. 

It has never been so easy to produce, market and sell publications from your PC. We describe as clearly and as jargon-free as possible, practical, tried and tested methods for publishing your own work in both conventional and electronic book formats. The following are some of the subjects covered: 

&    Motivation: Why do you want to write and publish a book?

&    Basic equipment you will need: PC, printers, scanners, binding machines, etc.

&    What PC applications you will need: Word Processing, Desktop Publishing & Graphics.

&    How to organise your writing and plan your publishing project.

&    Understanding your market and maximising the appeal of your book.

&    Recommended book styles, formats, font types for your type of book.

&    Components of a book: formal sections, creating a Table of Contents and Index.

&    Publishing requisites: Registration, legal requirements, copyrighting, obtaining ISBNs.

&    Printing options: Lasers, copiers, Inkjets, digital duplicators, toner versus ink methods.

&    Production costs: price comparisons, options to suit your pocket and style of book.

&    Binding & finishing methods: DIY perfect binding and the many alternatives.

&    Equipment: optional requirements, how and where to find affordable machinery.

&    Using outside resources: printing, cover production, finishing, distribution & sales.

&    Minimising costs: detailed costings for various production and distribution scenarios.

&    Alternative production and distribution: pros & cons of Print-On-Demand (POD) services.

&    Marketing strategies: direct sales versus sales through bookshops and intermediaries.

&    Advertising and promoting your books by traditional methods and using the Internet.

&    The Internet: Creating & promoting a replica watches

website, the importance keywords & search engines.

&    Setting up eCommerce, automating orders & sales, alternative ine㨯ps.

&    Alternative sources of incomes: sales of ebooks

&    Business fundamentals: orders, sales, invoices & dealing with your customers.

 Table of Contents

Reviewers' Comments (from the First Edition)


The Writers' Bulletin

"A Practical Guide to PUBLISHING BOOKS USING YOUR PC by Peter Domanski and Philip Irvine. Produced by the methods its describes, this excellent manual takes you through organising, writing, printing and marketing your book. It shows what equipment and technology you need, methods of production, the niceties of publishing, marketing techniques, and ends with a fold-out project plan which embraces your launch party - encouragement indeed.
Costs are shown (at current prices, with a caveat that these might fluctuate) to give you an idea of potential expenditure.
Designed in a clear and easy to follow layout, the book is a model of its own advice. A good buy for any aspiring publisher"

News From The Centre
(National Small Press Centre)

"PUBLISHING BOOKS USING YOUR PC is a new publication designed to assist in the organising, writing, printing and marketing of your own books in the personal computer environment, is now available from Domanski-Irvine Books. The Authors, Peter Domanski and Philip Irvine have put together a very user-friendly, practical guide, that is full of useful advice, especially for the beginner. Facts, rather than jargon, take the reader through a well laid out Handbook from discussing tools you'll need to planning, writing, finalising manuscripts, getting published and preparing for production. Marketing and sales are extensively covered as is the Internet and there's a full glossary, appendix and index. Illustrated throughout, the Guide is a must for those who are contemplating publishing by using their PCs. Even those who are more advanced will find something of interest here. "




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