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KEG Informatics                                                                                     

KEG is a DevX component we use to extract, transform, analyse and display data. It is not a reporting tool per se although it has a full range of automatic graphical output options. It's main purpose is to provide quick, easy access to all standard data sources (spreadsheets, databases - even 'flat files') and thereafter manipulate and display data.

KEG is an 'end user' tool with a simple to use, Helix-like command language enabling the user to manipulate and transform data in a step-wise fashion without the need for expertise in either SQL or Spreadsheet macros and formulae. With its origins in production quality monitoring of semi-conductor manufacture, KEG has been built in a demanding environment and has an impeccable industry pedigree. Diaxon has extended this brilliant concept for more wide-scale and general commercial,  industrial and scientific use.

 Diaxon KEG Informatics briefing

If your business is hampered by data handling/ transformation / presentation issues, please call us on 0845 239 5268 and find out how Diaxon's KEG Informatics package could make a real difference to your business.



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